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Thursday, January 10, 2008

so-so day..

I really didn’t have that great day.. well I think its because I started it in a very frustrating way.. and some lil things followed.

I left the house immediately in order not to mess some other things. And I hate the way I reacted on lil things. Then I finally arrived at skew, I cleared my conscience, alright, I have to be still, I cant solve things under an anxious mind..

on my seat a classmate greeted me with.. “Ang simple mo naman Deborah, ikaw ba yan?”.

Yeah. That moment I realized that after I put powder on face I directly leave the house, without even a balm and my fave of all-EYELINER! Hahah….

I’ve been almost half day at skew… Some things goes out right like the midterm test was postponed. But most of the stuffs are stressing!! Haha, and I found myself complaining again, and I don’t like the feeling.

Whew, I have lots of needs. I don’t know how on earth can do and have those. Ohh weelll… my only hope is the word “FAITH”.

Im sssoooo tired. My last meal was 1pm??? Now that I just got home there’s no dinner prepared. Hahah… Now that’s diet!!

Well well, I can’t adjust my weighing scale as I saw this pic. Lol

I am really like this man who's denial of his weight prob. Now that my uniform is visibly “malapit ng pumutok”, I have to work on it. Haha

Whew,,, can I lose a minimum of 10lbs until Feb? I like the idea but I definitely doubt my effort on fighting against this constant struggle of slimming down. Lol..


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