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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life Lesson in 2 days..

I didn’t had the chance to attend the Friday Youth Service, chyerp, my first absent since August that’s because I have to find people who can repair my sister’s battery charger which I surprisingly wrecked last Thurs mawn while im havin a bad day..

I went to Raon and found some repair shops.. so I let them do it and wait… I waited.. waited, for the first 30 minutes.. “Mam, sandali lang toh”. “sige po” sabi ko. I waited another 30 mins, its 6pm.. “malelate ako nito”, I thought. Another hour passed. “hindi na ko makakapunta” my mind conclude. And yea, the nice thing was they end up wrecking its part more. Chyea…

But the best part while I am waiting was that there is this man(prolly a man who owned another booth) who bought the 2nd hand TV on the Shop. He told the people “isang libo nalang pare, ibibigay ko lan to sa malapit kong kamag-anak. Na-habag kasi ako, sabi sakin nung pasko “mamamatay nalang ako hindi pa ako nagkakaron ng TV”, naawa ako eh, atleast may tv na siya”. WOW!!! I realized that there are still beautiful people even in a repulsive place and crowd.

The deal was closed… Aryt he bought the TV and what mades me crunk is the yea he paid it in “isang bagsakan” (because he was joking that he would pay it in installment, that day and another day) with all 5 and 10 peso coins.

Back to the topic before the kind man with his loads of coins. Then they didn’t put back together the charger. Im bad.. “Im gonna buy a new one” the only thing that’s on my mind. I went to Rob Manila,.. Find something to switch for that thing.. “Ok mahal cya” nasabi ko when I saw the price.

So I went back home desperate… I dont know where on earth I can find extra mon for the charger. Una ko pang nasabi sa Nanay ko is “Nanay, bigay mo na sakin yun 1week na allowance ko”.

So my sis got home already, I fessed all, of course what would I expect she threw the charger on my bed screaming “wag ka na gagamit ng kahit anong gamit ko”. Whew, I felt so guilty. I cant look to her in face.

So I ask my dad to lend me mon, but I really doubt that he will. I was in shambles, I felt.. So all night long I was like a weirdo crying and asking God what to do..

Lord alam ko mababaw lang toh na iniiyakan ko pero hindi mo naman tinatawanan yun condition ko diba, tulungan mo ko, wala na akong malapitan.” I told Him.

This morning….

Thank God that my mom hand me the mon, Joy filled my heart.. I was about to hang at Joy’s house so I phoned her again telling “sige indi na ko punta jan, sa isang bahay nalang kita tatawagan tungkol sa nginawaan ko kagabi”. “Ano ba yun?”she asked. I answered. “wala yun ndi sa lalake yun, hindi ako iiyak sa lalake, mas iiyakan ko pa mga material na bagay”. Hahha.. The point is that I would rather cry for broken stuffs that has value over love.. Besides, I thought about it way before that real LOVE wont let me cry for bad reasons.
Malalayo tayo sa topic..

I texted my sister that Im goin to buy replacement for her thing., she even told me that I don’t have to, her boyfriend will nalang daw.. Then I insist so I bought the replacement and compromised my week allownce. haha.
Then went straight to my Cousin’s house, and some unexplainable happened to her, which is very personal and I can’t tell much about. But she’s fine now..

It’s amazing that really JESUS’ name is sooo powerful above every circumstances, sicknesses, fears and every negative forces.

Thank Jesus for everything. For in His name there is dominion above all. What more if we obey His will and have a real relationship with Him….

Blessings and guidance follows to those who is willing to obey and love Him..


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