Shine for my Saviour...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


kithello. im still alive =)

prolly missed blogging due to mixed feelings i felt last last last(or the former) weeks.

oh well. im over those things, and started the bum life this few days.
haha.. i cant wait to be busier weeks from now.

havent got my cards from skew, but good thang that i got 2 in mandarin, but whats weird is that Julio got 1.25 and we irated on that fact! LOL. Grabe ang talino naman ni juling. HAHAHA.

moving on. im kinda addicted with coloring my hair. its like I got 3 shades in a week which from i started last week. Its like that im easily get bored with usual shades and from new, i got bored again, then i prolly change to new one. Haha. My mom was kinda amazed seeing me in those different shades. While my sister is laughing at my hair, she even bought me henna wax treatment coz she noticed my hair is getting dry.

Got my latest shade. And this will last (maybe just until the last week of march) Haha.

Anyways, i hope we all had a great holy week. I love Holy week's movies and tv program. And let's not forget the greatest love of all time. One that overcame the cross and grave just to find our souls- the greatest LOVER- the Lord Jesus Christ. He deserve our very all. =)

and thank You Lord, for everything, always.


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