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Saturday, February 23, 2008

finally... i can take a rest...


now the Barista seminar is over...
a. i can have more time
b. i can wake up late again.
c. i wont have to cram.
d. back to normal. Namiss ko din yun mga prof ko, honestly. :)

haha. its been 3 fast days seeing the same faces, long hours of work and not enough (o wala talaga) sleep. Its back to normal in Tuesday and luckily i can use Monday for detoxyfying and relaxation. Grabe, haggard talaga. It seemed like my desire for being so busy was easily granted.

Woohoo, Anyhows, Jency's whammy moo dance steps is still mabenta. I cant recover.. We named our imaginary Coffee Shop as "Kaf'Euphoria" and had the baristas motiff of wearin bumblebees, thats why i have brought my eyewears just for us to look like "bulags".

these are some pics on Hands on. Jency was my partner doin the macchiato ecstacy. LOL.

a pray over or seminar?

more daw on Jency's whammy whammy moo energizer...

macchiato ecstacy aka iced caramel macchiato

finished work.

Anyways (again), the G2BFChallenge was played, i somehow got consolations from my sister telling that "hindi ka naman nila kukunin dahil hindi ka ganun kataba, kelangan nila ng obese". Hahaha. Honga naman, i thought. No regrets, i just wanted to join because i thought i can escape skew activities for a month. Haha. It really wasnt God's will for me. Besides, nacocornihan nalang din ako, i'd rather crave for cheese corn. Haha
Woohoo. Masaya. Madaming lessons, tawa at ka-praningan ang nakuha at nagawa. I cant wait being busy again for the next week finalsand activity and I will somehow surely miss those instructor, sana sila uli this next week for the new seminar. Looking forward on a new great week..


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