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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

its 4th

its official.........

Its my 4th year being single.

Cyerp.. Nothing has changed. Just right decisions coming my way.

I went to OMFLit Bookstore this afternoon and got a new Bible which is my Valentine Gift to myself. And wooowww… Astig yun mga books.the bookstore is close to heaven and I don’t wanna leave that place. Im looking forward on a book shopping! Im excited.

Anyhows, Im getting paranoid on this FnR Got 2 B Fit Challenge. Whenever I saw the mailman I ask him “Kuya may sulat ba ako”. And he asked me why, and yea he thought I was waiting on something like Love letters. Hahahah… I also asked my mom frequently is someone phoned me. Haha. They were close in asking “ano ba yun?”

Nothing. Wala lan. I think its not His will to let me in, besides skew is stressing us again and I would like to hang out more with friends and laugh hard each and every day. I don’t have any hard feelings.. I didn’t expect much but Vooillaaa……. God is giving me more!!! Im excited and I’ll wait.. Ill wait at His very best, in every aspect. I want it His way. Let His will be done.

Tomorrow is such a happy day for singles.. Claim it! Anyways.. I have written my promises (the second post of Feb). I think at the end of the day, I’ll rather say “Thank You, Lord” in my prayers than “I love you” to someone.

Maybe I didn’t have the luck, but hey, I don’t want luck. I want blessings…


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