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Friday, February 1, 2008

exhausting thurs..

I didnt had the time to post yesterday's alila activity for us. Whew, my arms still aches to due over fanning of the grill's flame. As in. Super daming pagod. And what's nice is that we look like a trainee at a fast food. Haha. And the best part is the "garapalan" in eating of the foods we prepared. "Grabe talaga. Chorva!!" ( LOL! Who said this line?) qouting from that person, my classmates pagneneok of food was so obvious and Im the one who's embarrassed for them. LOL. And there is even a classmate who tried to rotate on all the works in the priviledge of tasting a small portion of his cuttings, breadings, mixings, etc. Hahah. Nakakapraning.
Its good that some prof didnt have to check us and judge us! (naman! naman!) Only Laoshi saw me wearing aviators while grilling (due to sobrang sakit sa mata ng smoke!!) and he banged saying "ay tangalin mo yan, san ka ba nakakita ng nakashades na nag-iihaw". Whew, recorded nanaman yan sa magagaling na tao, i almost hit the bingo stage at the college. What is in me???

Nagpagod, nag-asaran, nag-iyakan at napasukan lan ng malupit na usok yun utak ko. Haha. But its nice knowing in the end we had our "take-home" and jack conspired about it. Jkidding. Lol.

some pics.

jacki models

joey hehehe

haggard garabe

umiiyak si gagay lol.

the buraot boys

jack and the orbs hahaha

this is what i want in the end of sacrifice- anice curls lolz

somethin so red .. ;p

At the end of the day the barbecue lesson somehow relates to the barbecue and the boys.

"Pag nagsawa na ang lalake (sa barbecue) aalis na yan, maghahanap ng iba yan (pagkain)."


Aint it?

I still smell the smoke in my hair,. thats because i will still have my shower for now. Im out gotta prep myself for the Fri service..


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