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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It’s the last 7 days of being 19..

Its 7 days before my 20th.

Last night we had dinner with family and my sis’ bf and his mom. And on my sis bf’s and my mom conversation, my mom asked me “ilan taon ka na ba?”, I answered “mag te-twenty”. “Oh hindi nga? Mag ni-19 ka palang” my mom’s responds.

Haha. Im feeling so old already. Yet i act so immature on almost everyday, I still like to react weirdly, tease like kids and laugh silly with cliques, im just happy with everything I guess. Things quite falls on its places, God is managing my life. I don’t need a planner anymore….

That’s why I don’t have any plans on my birthday.. Haha..

This afternoon, I’ve gone workin out. And okay, I surrender.. Ayaw ko ng ituloy ang pag-gygym. Id rather drink med than stressing my bod in 3hours sweating. And I don’t want any muscle (as in macho muscle) to develop especially by that stationary bike and treadmill.

Ive wasted 3 hours. When I’m home I told my mom these words “ayaw ko na, magkakamuscle lang ako. Kakain nalang ako!!” Oh huh… and I just got ako ng 4 mini toblerones at the fridge. Hahah.. She even suggested taking up Xenical, at dahil kuripot ako, ayaw ko kasi mahal. Hahahhaha

As usual, few passed the mandarin exam, I won’t be surprised. It feels like im not focusing much on studies. Nakakahawa ang pagiging tamad ng mga classmates ko.. Aryt next month ill strive.

Sige na nga.. Next week I’ll stress my self on studying notes, its like all day long I’m comforting friends on their love depressions and if there is a moment na mahahawa ako I’ll started thinking of other things better. LOL.

Foolish days are long gone for me, I just laugh at my crunkness in the past. I will never ever gon be the old me towards some life serious thing. Remember, ill be 20 next week.. Maybe ill ditch some of the not so relevant characters I may not need in my life and towards eternity.

May God bless my twen”teen” with so much of Him that overflows not only in my life but also for others.

Ayt ayt.. I think I just want to play basketball on my birthday. That’s all I wanna do.


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