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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Oldies

I have a motor-like mouth. it wont stop until engine runs out! :)

the about me in my HI5. lol.

Im just tryin to checked some devotional stuffs when i think about my old stuffs. and finally after years i open and log in my idle accounts (hi5 and hipstir) grabe, nakakatawa yun mga accounts ko, sobrang luma and out-dated. I even forgot the email address and passwords of it.

I looked so young in those pics. I had those weird looking face on the older pics like the circle blush that made me laugh hysterically. Hhahaha.. Im just surprised that there are still lotsa people trying to add my accounts. (kahit na idle nga).

Aryt.. I'll update my pages if I have time and prolly erase the not so useful ones..

but check out first my "batang yagit days"

My old hipstir

My hi5

hahaha... i miss my former net obsession. i miss my online friends. bigtime!

but i dont miss my old self.. lalala.

im off. its 3 am. im so sleeppyyy.........


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