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Monday, January 21, 2008

Im turnin 20 in an hour.. lol

Happy Birthday to me…

So by that I listed my 20 Birthday’s Resolution!!

Here goes the list:

1. I’ll never drink cold drinks and will not over indulge into ice creams.
2. I’ll stop eating junk foods.
3. I’ll stop having bangs.
4. I’ll wake up early.
5. I’ll won’t procrastinate and fight the lazy bones inside of me.
6. I won’t load my sun digits and let it idle until April. Hahaha.
7. I WILL save mon.
8. I’ll act as my age and stop teasing friends real hard.
9. I won’t over-analyze things.
10. I would like to smile more and laugh less. (especially during class)
11. I’ll let go of the past and the bitterness..
12. I’ll never complain and grumble petty stuffs.
13. I won’t swear much, yet keep my promises.
14. I will follow hard, obey and respect people.
15. I’ll delete irrelevant net accounts that waste my time.
16. I’ll ditch my obsession over net, photos, make-up and fashion. Bye bye world’s charm.
17. I’ll refrain from being self-conscious and learn to prettify my soul in God’s way.
18. I WILL NEVER have and nurse a “crush” emotions with the wrong man. (Exception to Orlando Bloom hahaha.)
19. I will be more patient and wait for the Lord and His will.
20. I’ll spend more time on my prayers and devotions.

Moi. Its my first day on my 6day long fasting. Its my first birthday which I cannot eat the foods prepared by my mom. And waahhhh.. I have been the one who prepared the ingredients for “the best pasta in the world” aka my mom’s pasta which I’ll just bring to my friends tomorrow (because they demand for it!!).

But it’s more than fine knowing that God is nourishing my soul and always watching my life from above. Thank God in advance for the fulfillment of my desires and His perfect will in my life.

I’ll make it up on my sis birthday (the 29th). I’ll eat lots of sea food… Hahaha…

Thank You Lord Jesus... for everything.


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