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Saturday, January 26, 2008

i live radically for God. =)

Ive been checkin and deleting some accounts when I thought of reviewing my old blogs. And look what Ive found..

Its Just weird how I read this message from my myspace. Lolx... Anyhows I find this bothering... hahahaha... Ok I'll just reply an answer to this post.. But I wont reply at his message.. (Too bad if he's not on my friendlist here!! He wont know the answer hahaha)

"i don't know what to say..i don't think if i'll call HOTTIE you would appreciate it...but trully u are regardless...i don't think if i would tell you're beautiful, you would believe me....hmmm....but one thing i can feel and i'd like to think, that you're one clever lady on a body of an angel with a very infectious smile.... But just looking at your pictures i began to wonder why are you still single..maybe it's your choice bec. you love FREEDOM or bec. you love your being single...or maybe it's something that is painted by chances...OR.... .maybe you're just too beatiful and too intimidating that some guys are afraid to even say HI to u.... Nevertheless, forgive me as I take the chance of saying hi to you and exploring the probability of an exchange....

hey by the way, my name is J***.....just droppin by.... "

whew..... that's smooothh hahaha...

The answer is a big I DONT KNOW! hahaha. Okay lets put it this way. Maybe Im just choosy whenever it comes on picking someone. I like everything in its place. I dont like playing around. I dont like spending or wasting time on something that wouldnt last!.. I dont know if I look to intimidating but I know Im not because Im very deary, weird and approachable. There are times Im feeling hasty on having that perfect one love thingyy.. but the voice of the my God tells me that He have great plans in my life and that plans are just toOOo good to be true that I wouldnt have to worry for a FUTURE. And I have faith on Him, by His words I live. I dont have to be anxious about shallow stuffs in life.And yea I am hoping that He will give an answered pray. The one tested by Him through His and my STANDARDS. The perfect pair of my soul, the one I could spend my life with Glorifying God's name...
Hey by the way its me, JOY =p

- Friendster Blog

Chyea.. I think thats what Im looking forward and have been waiting patiently for, actually I had made a pact with God (which I will post someday) regarding this very special person whom He is wonderfully sending just for me in His perfect time.

I acknowledge that when I found God i have been remade and been made whole. Only Him can satisfy. He filled me with His very presence which I find joy and love that even the world can never ever take away..

Lets be patient, let us not seek for happiness in the wrong place. I remember the poster that I have seen yesterday and it says that "Real Happiness is following Christ". Yerp yerp.. I agree with all of me...

When He made me whole again, all I think I wanna do is find myself in Him.. I dont have to worry, rush, and create my own happiness by my own deeds. I want more than the happy feelings, i want JOY. Joy in seeking Him, Joy in obeying Him, joy in waiting for Him and Joy in doing His Will..


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