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Saturday, February 9, 2008

nice day..

I have been jinxed with my stuffs lately. I dont know what happened to my cam, I lost my nice mascara (pasalubong ni Kuya Nino, my sis' bf) , my pc is not working well again(maybe because of that bozo's friendster) and i wrecked my hair dryer. my very bestfriend. wheww... Oh well, there are greater things that happened and will goin to happen anyway. Thank God in advance. I dont have to flinch with these nonsense.

We had lunch at MOA. I finally met my uncle from Canada since his last visit was less or more than 8 years. And I wont be shocked if i've seen "strangers" haha. Ya know, people you have met before but you both decided to say "bye bye stranger" at the very end. Haha.

I had no bitterness and yerp, ive seen them (with his girl) and i can honestly tell that they deserved each other and surely i was so happy for them. And if supposed we are still friends, i can surely send him message telling that she has picked a nice lady!. Im such a sweet! I hope he can see this post. LOL.

Aryt, back to lunch.. we had a great one.. I wish my uncle will stay lil longer. And i have realized how I miss my tita and cousin in NJ. Well its a good message that i think theyre going to visit us this May. Tiba-tiba. Blessings. Hehehe

I got to skew @ past 4pm.. I missed my classmates due to a week long vacation (would i call it vacation?). whoa whoa..

Im excited for Jeka's audition to the music team.. Not because of the guy thing, but because of song song titles. HAhaha...

Ive beeeeennnn gaininggg weights and yea i cant control myself from eating and eating because God's blessings came pouring abundantly lately. Yea yea. Surely im always happy because He's my Supply on everything! Whats nice is He's more than enough for everything.

I'll start new plan this week. If I cant fast on food, ill prolly fast in some things.
Holy Spirit, guide me.Ü

ive think of one thing:
a month off.


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