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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fast approaching is the day..

Yesterday, we went to Ma’am Cruz’ funeral. I can’t still believe how fast everything happened. I was mixed-emotion that I though that I should have talked to her bout some misunderstandings before the Lord has took her life. But I asked God for Spirit of forgiveness in this matter and that God would grant peace and joy in her soul toward the new life she is heading right now.

So I stayed overnight. “Naglamay”. We had some small fellowship at about 1-2am. And the rest was spent on chats and laughters. BAM!! Eye luggages was the common denominator on the people who spent the last night in Ma’am memorial service.

I heard some friend’s confession of how they fear death. The death of their love-one’s and their physical death. Somehow I felt for them too, how their logical view of life and the fear of death made me think and scared me on the moment. But, when I thought of the greatest things I can have after the physical death, that when you belong to a great GOD!, it excites me. The thought of hearing the trumpets of heaven, the angels welcome and rejoices at your presence, that God has a transformed body(im certain that this body is perfect!!!) and your Saviour waiting for You like the very reward on the things you overcome, the embrace and the intimacy you’ve been waiting all your life is finally before You. whoaaaaa…….. Real Heaven. More than joyful and euphoric. Soul-satisfying. There’s no greater joy that could replicate of His very presence and I can’t just miss that moment Oh Lord God. Lalala… That somehow uplifted my soul and spirit.

Life is real short. Fast approaching is the day. Our lives are but a breath says the people of God in His word. But our air is His word. We’d better breathe in.

I like the CS Lewis’ song line of…
“I was made to live.. I was made to love.. I was made to know You”.

Soul responded a happy “Amen”!

I Love You so, You never failed to amazed me and im always in awe of Your beauty, grace and everything You are Lord. You are LOVE, Life revolve and lives in love. And I want you more than I want to live another day. I love You, more than life itself.


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