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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

overeating is no good.

im addicted to:

1. my new Bible
2.Marrying a millionare k-novela.
3.eating and over eating.
4. photographs of weird faces and places.
5.bad hair days. hehe.

its seems each and every day my weight is gaining more and more and i cant stop over eating and craving chocs.

Today. I just bummed around. I didnt go with some friends in Jency's party. Wala naman ako kwenta. Hehe. Im quite tipid nowadays. im looking forward on a great day of extravagance. LOL. and my savings just started with 20$. Nothing quite unusual, do the laundry, dishwashing, books, lil TV, more food. Haha. I hang @ my cousin's crib, then we watched some DVD's and eat as usual.

Yesterday. Its my first time to pass a mandarin requirement. HAHAHA! Dont ask, 85 means staying up late memorizing complicated mandarin words, and to tell you, not even 1/4 of the class pass on his (Laoshi's) exams. It felt so great. But ofcourse im expecting a lower grade on classcard. HAHAHA. Asa..

I hope its March na. Im excited on the activity. I cant wait to stretch my lazy bones again. I hope I can be busier as bee by tomorrow. i havent receive any productive things on overeating chocs. except that it taste sooo goood... hmm.. i wanna have one, again. ;p


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