Shine for my Saviour...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It seems like im learning more lessons in skew this past few weeks. I finally learned and somehow value people’s effort (teachers, instructors, guards, etc) in teaching and training us. Its like I finally empathized their feelings of not being obeyed. I think Laoshi’s efforts on teaching us touched and moved me to strive for more and ditch the complacent attitude. Too bad that there is only a month left to persevere and make up on some neglected subjects.

I realized I have wasted a school year grumbling and seeing the negative part of lessons but now I think God is giving me new convictions towards studies and life-lessons. That’s why Im doing my best right now in everything. I don’t wanna waste time and efforts from this very moment. The voice of efficiency beckons me. I don’t wanna pay no attention to its benefits. Thank God He’s leading me in the right path and never failed to renew my mind and my perspectives each and every moment.


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