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Monday, March 31, 2008

im rich =)

Hi. I’ve been busy hanging around with some of my cousins and we had the greatest time. Then I realized that I had missed much time and bonding with my family’s other sides, but there are still enough time to make up.

I’m also happy that we (cousins) had the time to share our shallow and deep perspectives even in the weirdest way. You see, magpinsan nga kame. Mga weird. At maganda HAHA!

There are times when I became envious of some matters but thank God that he lead me to the realization of how wealthy am I to have HIM as my Dad.

I’m currently enjoying my summer life. Now that I can appreciate the summer season I had the reason to enjoy swimming unlike before, that the only thought I had about summer was heat. LOL.

I’m also happy to find out that most of my hs friends are graduating. CHYEA! Time flies real fast. I even remember how we spent our vacant periods together. And now, they’re leavin the student life and heading to a new chapter in their lives.

Whew. I should have graduated by now. But No Regrets. I love my life =)

And this is all for now. I’m so lazy to log. All I wanna do is talk; bum around the couch, sing and read.



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