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Sunday, April 27, 2008

anything goes...

hey im still alive


its just im so lazy to log at the net. its almost a month since ive checked my accounts lol.

ive been busy anyways, and still going to be busier. and im loving that idea..

bluh bluh.. its like everyday i always hear people tellin me "mukhang kang koreana" and "hapon ka ba?" hehe..

anyhows i would lve to be like my girlfriend nozomi. Haha. Im so inlove with her beauty! =)

anyways.... i broke my vow of not logging on net until weight coming down. Gustuhin ko man, i must really download songs to study...

wheww... lead lead... bigger responsibility. I wish i can just do second voice on the low note. =)

waaahhhhh.. i cant organized my thoughts and the words in this entry which means even my mind is sooo busy to create a nice post coz theres a lot more to do.

i love being busy..

and the best thing bout that is that eventhough my body is weary(due to diet, exercise(oh cramps!), summerjob, practices, reading etc.) my soul seems to find rest always in my Shepherd.
and i realized like David's meditation on Psalm 23.. I found contentment in provision of my Heavenly Father. I shall not want...

waaahh.. i cant wait to get busier...

and also to the Hillsong United concert... Brooke Brooke Fraser, i love you, your my idol. =)

glory to God in the highest.


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