Shine for my Saviour...

Monday, June 30, 2008

radical changes.


This page was forgotten.

Lets summ the reason why i think i should rest blogging:

Im focus in my service, blah, im weird i cant organize thoughts and siguro when im happy, im just so overwhelmed and too lazy to put in writting.


Kahit ako nagugulat sa sarili ko,.

I have to gave up everything for my walk of faith. The Spirit is having It's fruit in me that I can control myself in senseless stuffs.

I had given up everything just to follow the Lord.

If it means that i have to be the least- I WOULD LOVE TO, just to please My Lord.

I throw everything that hinders, i emptied myself so He can fill me.

make up, vanity pics, nifty accesories, sweet poses, weird clothings.

working with mundane talking, crazy euphoria, friends that are not necessary


now that i realized that physical stuffs doesnt matter

i love to live in this simple life that God has put me in this season..


maybe i can make page of a blog
or stick to my multiply blog.

i d k..

will think of that when this certain stuff is connected.


"Ohh.. Rid me off myself Lord, I belong to You"

this is still my favorite song line ever.



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