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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

wait waiiit...

MInsan nababagot na din ako mag antay… whoaaa… napanis yun motto ko na “I love
waiting…” heheheeh..

Gone to Makati… passed resumes(oh yeah.. you know the motto TRY nad TRY until…) that I think would lead to the shredders or to the scratches.. Still I have to wait for calls…. How long?????????????

Sometimes im losing hope and patience…… I dk why… seems im turning like one of the many “hasty” people, which I hated before… hehehe…

Last night, I had a conversation w/ a sis in Christ bout some love stuffs.. OKAYYY! She’s the one having problem on this not so important relationship w/ her bf… (not that impt? LOL). Well the only thing I have said was “WAIT for God’s perfect timing”.

Maybe I can also shout that advice for myself… Anyhows even though I can wait for my “Mine” I think it would also apply in my ojt frustrations.

“WAIT PATIENTLY… DEBORAH JOY LUIS BRUTAS!”. Haha. I remember Joey txted me w/ my whole name just saying that I shouldn’t call her @ home because she’s away w/ someone. Lol.

I wish my resume will be seen immediately.. All I wanted is to start and end right away so I can do more stuffs and not waste time… (Oh I thought about J.Piper) hehehe..

GOD direct me into Your perfect plans.. Your will be done.. Let every breath, every step declares Your glory….


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