Shine for my Saviour...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

finding me??

just got home from Church... and to tell all of you honestly, ive been missing singing terribly hehehe

no songs to hear.
only sermons and
more word of HIM..

i think im starting to feel good again... im finding strength to face and not flinch on these problems(not really)..

got few reliable companion
and a faithful Lord..

owkie.... i dont wanna feel that state again, that's miserable enough...
its like everyday im feeling so more than lonely...

i thought i want to find myself..
but now





i cant surely

do it....

so now...





in My Lord....

whoaa... i cant wait to hear that song again... ;)

anyways. im just happy, more than happy.... again.... to know that after these He remained so faithful.. :)

thus HE truly deserves all of me...


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