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Monday, March 2, 2009

the great thing abouty waiting...

Good evening reader this is Sunshine, how can i assist you?


ive been busy with my skew requirements lately... i mean ojts.. and if u know that logo i guess you know where i am having my training now. Chieyerp

Ascott Makati.

The previous.... Okay. (By keywords. From receptionist. open to closing shifts. kitchen. catering galore. no sleep. no destress. no time for books. missing pagtambay w/ bandmates. and the last embarassing remoulade salad.)

and that ends my restaurant training.

my hotel training was something that make me more joyful and grateful to the Lord. I remember how long i have waited and prayed for opportunities to come but God truly gives the desire of your heart especially when you deserve it..

I remember how i passed through edsa staring at hotels ads and praying that some would give me a chance to be trained by them.. but months and months and months it felt like there's no glimpse of hope so i have to follow other God's leading. I started seeking other opportunities yet God always place me in places where i can grow.

so as i waited, i know how to learn my lessons, to be flex in all i do. But sometimes you can feel that you deserve more of your effort..

i think thats the right time for God's answer. WOOOAH... im dancing in happiness knowing that even i had the long wait He still gave me what I really want (as in... wanntt!!!).

and whats so nice about God is that He turn the world upside down. He can make twists that can be seen as quite not that good but in the end He'll turn it around and everything is just worth it.

I would always wait in my GOD.

Anyways.. im happy in a new dimension, new people. There is more to learn each day. More challenges to overcome. I wish i can tell you everything... HAHAH. :) no time... :(

Life can be so overwhelming but Ive got my Ultimate SUNSHINE that can brighten up my life and He will never ever fade and He will be the Only one who can make my everydays.


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