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Thursday, April 2, 2009

im freeeeeeeeeeee

haha.... Actually my obligations ended last April 1. Im back to my good lifestyle again... I missed everything. :)

Everyday was busy days. Im finally cleared and finished on those stressors i can sleep all day long, read and study songs again. Woohooo.. These excites me again. I can hang all day long with Him.... I soooo miss Him....

anyways, im now clearin some home stuffs. rooms and stuffs has been in a good mess for a long time. After de-stressing i have done nice line-up of stuffs to do this summer and things for the ministry...

i have to be organized, there's gazillion of stuffs to do now that im near leaving the university. Good thing that i had schedules on some job interviews earlier... It would'nt be a stress too to find and wait for long calls....


anyheerrr,, i gottago! :) update sooner :) wishin a not so stressful days :)

i miss everything. everybody. :)


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